Making jelly jar soy candles








Since I have made Black Walnut adorned candle holders out of 8 ounce mason jelly jars and Black Walnut shell slices, I thought it would be nice to also make soy and paraffin wax candles of my own. After I have received a much awaited box of candle making supplies from UPS I couldn’t wait to get started. Guess what scent I’m starting with?? Magnolia of course. The scent is called Magnolia Blossom and still goes with my tree loving theme, although it is a flower. The first tree I planted on my new property is a magnolia, right now it is about 15 inches high. I hope it flowers this year!

Anyway back to the candles, I have just learned to wear plastic gloves while candle making and working with candle dye. You guessed it, I have pink dye all over my hands. I did figure out that the dye is oil based and Olive Oil works quite well to get the dye out of the eye dropper. I almost threw the eye dropper out, before I realized that. As you can tell by the picture, 1 pound soy wax makes about 2 and 1/2, 8 oz. jelly jar candles. Next time I will have the tea light containers ready to go to make 2 jelly jars and about 8 tea lights. I plan to put clear bags over the jelly jars with stickers that bear the fragrance name. I just hate trying to wash stickers off of jars don’t you?

So making jelly jar soy candles is my work of the week.